It’s the Circle of Life!


When you think back to your childhood and the movies that were your favorites then – and that you still love now – what movies come to mind?  When I think about this, one of the movies that comes to mind is The Lion King. It is such a classic Disney  movie and no matter how many times I view this movie, it will not get old. More and more a good family-friendly movie is rare so I am grateful for movies like The Lion King that are always going to be great!

The Lion King has wonderful messages throughout the whole film that are uplifting and inspirational. For example, one of my favorite quotes is by Rafiki, “Oh yes, the past can hurt. But YOU can either run from it, or learn from it”. This is so profound. I love how he basically says we can’t change the past when something hurts but we can change the future and how we react in the present will determine our future. We can not let the past affect us so much that we just give up and run away. We need to do our best and turn it into a positive experience and improve our quality of life.

Another good quote from this movie is when Simba is told by his dad, “Everything the light touches is our kingdom.” What a great lesson we can teach our children through watching this movie. We can do anything we put our minds to. There is no limit to what we can do. Dream big and do whatever it takes to achieve these goals. Doesn’t every parent want to share valuable messages with their children in creative ways? I know that I do!

Not only does The Lion King have wonderful quotes and content; it is full of spectacular music that is fun and exciting to listen to. These songs include: The Circle of Life, Be Prepared, I Just Can’t Wait To Be King, Hakuna Matata, and Can You Feel the Love Tonight? These songs are sung all around the world and I might venture to say most can’t help themselves but sing along. Back in the day when I was in high school, I was in choir and a highlight of choir was singing a medley of The Lion King songs. It brought back such wonderful memories from my childhood with this movie. I think if you are looking for a great film to share with your family that is fun to watch and has great messages The Lion King is definitely a solid choice. So what are you waiting for? Let’s share this gem with our families!


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I am currently attending college to get a second degree in graphic design at UVU. My BS was at BYU in Family Life. I love designing and doing anything to do with social media and blogs! I love writing and creating art! I love spending time with my 13 nieces and nephews!
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  1. I love the Lion King, it’s got great music, a wonderful theme and epically beautiful.

  2. Robin Wilson says:

    The Lion King is full of wonderful everything! ~ from quotes to symbolism. I still love Aladdin! We watch it regularly and if you look close you can find symbolism in it too. Not so for the quotes! Thanks for this endearing post.

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