Movie Snacks Ideas – The Six Best Popcorn Recipes Ever!

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We scoured the internet and pinterest and found the 6 best popcorn recipes of all time (well, in our opinion at least).  Try one of these fun ideas tonight, along with your favorite family-friendly movie from Mommy Bear Media!

1.  Caramel Marshmallow Popcorn via Chef in Training

2.  Halloween Popcorn via Sing for Your Supper

3.  Pretty pretty princess Pink Party popcorn (made with white chocolate) via Erin Cooks

4.  My personal favorite – Coconut Oil Popcorn via The Gracious Pantry (she drizzles it on top but I like to just put 3 Tbl. in the bottom of a heavy, hot pan, add 1/2 cup white popcorn, shake it, then cover in a bunch of Real Salt.  Make it kettle corn by adding a Tbl. or so of white sugar to the oil before you put the popcorn.  Or add 1 Tbl. brown sugar and make a light caramel popcorn that your children will devour but doesn’t have near as much sugar as regular caramel popcorn)

5.  Soft Caramel Popcorn via The Girl Who Ate Everything

6.  Cinnamon bun popcorn (cinnamon caramel corn with pecans and white chocolate) via Our Best Bites

Did we miss your favorite recipe?  Comment below and share with our readers.


  1. Lucy Black says

    I love pop corn, it's my favourite movie snack! I just recently tried it with sweet taste though and I think it was awesome. Can't wait to try new variations!

  2. Sweetangels Home says

    What is a Movie with out popcorn.. All those recipes sound very yummy this is a quest from the wii u contest.

  3. Sweetangels Home says

    my faviorite movie we just saw was Dark Shadows. It really was not scarey. My whole family that it was funny. AND, yes we had popcorn too! LOL

  4. says

    The Halloween Popcorn & the Cinnamon Bun Popcorn are sending me into a fit of drooling right now. I think I need a late night snack…. although, I will have to *settle* (hah) for Ice cream since my boys are sleeping & I can't go clanking around in the kitchen right now! YUMMMY! Thanks for linking these!

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