Fun Ideas for An Outdoor Movie Night

Warm, long nights are quickly leaving us.  Savor these last few days of summer by having an outdoor movie night this weekend.  Here are some ideas to make it enjoyable for everyone:

Design Sponge has some fun ideas.  You don’t need an actual movie screen.  Just follow their instructions and use sheets.

Or you could always hang a sheet from your house, barn, garage, clothesline, fence, etc.

Or if you don’t have a protector, just bring out your laptop, move your TV so it faces out a window or door or bring the whole thing outside!

Here are some other fun ideas:

Miss Design

Kara’s Party Ideas has terrific ideas for an outdoor birthday party with a movie theme

We love the idea of hanging lanterns and Christmas lights from athome along with the drop cloth movie screen from Prairie Hive

Some other fun ideas we saw are bringing couches and chairs from inside, tons of blankets of course.  Or you could do a camping theme, sit on camping pads and roast marshmallows over a fire pit or barbeque grill.

We’re excited to hear your ideas or experiences.  Have you had an outdoor family movie night?  What worked and didn’t work?  I’m sure my children would love one – especially if treats are involved.  We’ll have to do it soon!


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