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About Mommy Bear Media

Fast, free shipping on top-rated, family-friendly DVDs

Welcome to Mommy Bear Media! We are so glad you found us. We are a small family company dedicated to make shopping for your next favorite movie a good experience.

What makes our website different than any other website is that we only carry the "good stuff." What we mean by that is that we only have movies that are:


  • No R, NC-17, TV-MA ratings
  • Selective PG-13 and TV-14 ratings
  • Not too much sex, violence, etc.
  • If the movie or tv show is on www.commonsensemedia.org, we only include it if it's green age 14 or lower (that means movies they say are "on" for ages 14 and under)


  • High quality
  • Top-rated
  • Are worth watching
  • Have a good message

We are doing this all by hand with a small staff so please let us know at service@mommybearmedia.com if we missed something or if you think we should include something we don't have.

We also try to be a great company to buy from, for example:

  • We have great customer service
  • We ship within one business day of receiving your order
  • We only ship USPS First Class or Priority Mail - and we do it for free!

You may ask why we are "Mommy Bear Media." Well, the owner is a mommy to 4 small cubs and her employees are her mom and two sisters. Also, we want to help protect you from all the negative movies and help you find some great movies that you may never have heard of or had forgotten about. We hope you enjoy your shopping experience!

Pick up Your Order

If you are interested, you may pick up your order at our Orem, UT  location.  Simply purchase your order online and in the coupon code section, use the coupon code LOCAL15.  You will receive 15% off your order and will be able to pick it up within 10 minutes.  Our address is: 

560 South State Street, Suite H-1

Orem, UT  84058

Our hours are 9 am to 4 pm.

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